Best Hotstar USA Promo Code & Offers (2021)

Are you getting bored in this pandemic situation due to COVID-19? Do you want to overcome your boredom by watching non-stop video content at an affordable price for a whole year while residing in the U.S? The ultimate solution to your tediousness is the Hotstar USA subscription plan using Hotstar promo code USA because it will be your fun partner in every moment.

Hotstar US provides you the opportunity to find the best live streaming service at an affordable price. Moreover, the Hotstar US subscription plan benefits you to enjoy unlimited video content of your own choice anytime, anywhere, at lower prices. Let’s dive into the article to find smarter tactics to save money.

Here is the best US Hotstar Promo Code : BIG40 to get Annual Hotstar US Subscription offer for instant 10% off + $40 BONUS

Best USA Hotstar Subscription Offer Promo Codes:

Ultimate Hotstar Promo Code : BIG40

Subscribe with Hotstar Promo Code: BIG40 to get
Instant 10% Off + $40 BONUS

In this article, we will be sharing some affordable Hotstar U.S. subscription plans, best Hotstar U.S. promo codes 2020, and also the step by step complete process to use them to avoid any inconvenience.

Best USA Hotstar Promo Codes 2020:

Ultimate Hotstar Promo Code :


Important Update: Hotstar Promo Code US Limited Stock “Save a lot by paying less”.

Hotstar subscription plan
Hotstar USA Subscription Offer | Hotstar Promo Code BIG40

Which is the Best Hotstar Promo Code?

Ultimate Hotstar Promo Code : BIG40

Subscribe with Hotstar Promo Code : BIG40 to get
Instant 10% Off + $40 BONUS

Extra Offers included with Hotstar Promo : BIG40

Below Hotstar 1 Year Subscription offer will be provided if you use Hotstar Promo Code : BIG40

  1. Get a 10% immediate discount ($5) on Annual Pack, Plus
  2. $10 Discount Coupon.
  3. $300 Hotel Saving Card exclusively by HelpingUsDeals for IPL Lovers.
  4. 2 Streams (If your spouse wants to watch TV Serials let them Enjoy as you can watch IPL from another device on same Hotstar Subscription)
  5. Enjoy the latest TV Shows and smash-hit movies on-the-go in 8 different languages all year long in just $44.99.

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Top Used & Working Hotstar Promo Code USA :

USA Hotstar Subscription Offer #1 : Hotstar Promo Code : BIG40

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USA Hotstar Subscription Offer #2 : Hotstar Promo Code : CUP2020

Get instant $5 OFF + $10 Amazon Gift Card with $10 Rakuten Referral Promo by subscribing to Hostar Annual Pack with Hotstar Promo Code: CUP2020

USA Hotstar Subscription Offer #3 : Hotstar Promo Code : 2020

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What is Hotstar USA?

Hotstar US is an online video streaming platform that allows its customers to watch unlimited live sports, Indian T.V. shows, and movies. With Hotstar US subscription plan through promo codes, you can enjoy a wide variety of content in several languages without commercials at a very reasonable price. Isn’t it amazing? Of course, it is. 

Also, Hotstar U.S benefits its users to watch hundreds of movies, T.V. shows, and sports happening around the globe.  It was launched five years back and, it gives you access to H.D. videos in 9 languages.

Moreover, there are hundreds of people who download their favorite content every day in high quality and enjoy with Hotstar in the U.S.A. Millions of users have already subscribed, and it is growing fast with the addition of multiple users each day.

Best Hotstar Offers USA

If you enjoy watching Indian T.V. shows, movies, and live sports in the U.S., Hotstar U.S. video streaming memberships should be your prior choice among other competitors such as Netflix and Dish T.V. or Amazon Fire T.V.

Because of its amazing features, you will have access to many online channels with unlimited content, anytime, anywhere on all of your devices such as T.V., Mobile devices, and computers.

Ultimate Hotstar Promo Code : BIG40

Subscribe with Hotstar Promo Code : BIG40 to get
Instant 10% Off + $40 BONUS

Offer Details: Use Promo code: BIG40, you will get a 10% Instant Discount, $10 Rakuten coupon + $100 Hotel Saving card + 2 Stream Service.

Important note: If Promo code is displaying “invalid” then, delete the cookies from the browser and restart the subscription process.

Hotstar Subscription with Hotstar Promo Code BIG40 (Step by step):

Hotstar is becoming the fastest-growing online video streaming service provider in the U.S. also, it offers different discounted offers through promo code to the customers because Hotstar U.S. aims to add value by saving their money!

Sometimes, people don’t use their promo code properly and bear an even higher cost. We benefit you by sharing a secret secure method of using promo code more appropriately. Just, stay connected to unveil the smart tactic to enjoy unlimited video content!

How to get Hotstar USA Subscription with Hotstar Promo Code : BIG40 ?

Step 1 : Go to Hotstar USA Subscription Site

Go to from any browser (such as Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari) and click on start Subscription.

Register with your Name, email address and password or with your Facebook account

Hotstar offers usa
Hotstar USA Subscription Offer | Hotstar Promo Code BIG40

Step2 : Click Start Hotstar Subscription

Select from an annual or a monthly subscription plan.

Hotstar promo code

Step 3 : Apply USA Hotstar Promo Code : BIG40 to get Subscription Offer

Then you’ll see “Enter Your Payment Details” page. Use our tactic at this point by putting promo code before providing the credit card details.

Click on ”Have a Promo Code?” and enter “Big40” promo code and click on Apply button. The price will change from $49.99 to $44.99, provide card details to complete the Hotstar U.S. promo code subscription process.

Hotstar deals

You’ll get you will get a 10% Instant Discount, $10 Rakuten coupon + $100 Hotel Saving card + 2 Stream Service.

Step 4 : Get to Watch US Hotstar Subscription on Offer

Check out to the payment part and you are done. $44.99 is the total amount you will be paying for a full year unlimited access to your favorite streaming service.

Note: In case Promo code is showing invalid then delete the cookies and start your process again.

ALL Indian TV Shows + LIVE Sports TV + $40 BOUNS only with Hotstar Promo Code : BIG40

Hotstar Promo Code USA

Isn’t it super advantageous? Absolutely yes! Let’s further dive into the Hotstar U.S. promo codes 2020.

Can we share Hotstar USA subscription?

Golden Tip to Save More: If you do share this Hotstar subscription plan with a friend or a family member @ $2 per month ($24 yearly), you will cost you $21 annually (less than $2 per month). Isn’t a golden tip? We are damn sure that you can’t miss this excellent opportunity to choose the best video streaming service at a low price.

Additionally, if you also consider $10 extra discount (Rakuten coupon) can make Hotstar plan more economical for you ($11 annually).

You can enjoy the Disney+ Hotstar subscription membership on apps, just sign-in on the Apps using your login details. For iOS users, the Disney+ Hotstar plans are available to purchase on iTunes!

Hotstar USA works best on different devices:

Hotstar Subscription on Desktop :

  • Google Chrome v49.x and above
  • Microsoft Windows 7 or above / MAC OS 10.2 or above
  • Mozilla Firefox v44.x and above
  • Safari v9.1x and above
  • JavaScript and cookies enabled

The Hotstar applications work best with the following system requirements:

  • Android 4.4.4
  • iOS 10.0
  • AndroidTV – Android 7.1.1

Are there any Hotstar Subscription restrictions?

Hotstar provides you the ease of playing two videos from one account and makes you secure that your membership is not misused by anyone else.

If you see an error, “you are trying to access videos from more than two devices,” you need to check if other people are streaming videos from your account simultaneously. To watch the current video, you have to stop the previous videos. Or refresh the page on the current device to continue watching the video.

How to watch Hotstar Subscription USA on Mobile?

Hotstar U.S subscribers can download their favorite video content and watch it later on the same device. if you want you can watch Hotstar in the U.S.A. on your mobile in two different ways:

  1. Open the browser on your mobile device and search for and signup to browse your content.
  2. You can download the Hotstar app from the app store or play store by signing in to watch unlimited movies and T.V. shows.

How to watch Hotstar Subscription in USA?

You need to follow these steps to watch Hotstar on T.V.:

1st Step: connect your smart T.V. by turning on the hotspot

2nd Step: click on the Cast button in the settings area. By clicking on the cast button, it displays the name of your smart T.V.

3rd Step: Click on Smart T.V., and it will immediately connect to your T.V.

Premium catalog videos:

The premium videos of Hotstar USA subscription plans have certain streaming rights available to members only. It means that the member has the rights to stream only certain seasons of a show, or a certain number of latest episodes may be available.

Hotstar U.S. video library has many latest Hindi and regional movies Disney movies, Kids shows, American T.V. shows & Hollywood movies for exclusive access to premium members. You get access to a lot of trendy seasons With a premium subscription, for example, Disney+ Originals such as Mandalorian.

Hotstar Premium:

Hotstar U.S. premium catalog is growing every day because of the addition of the latest premium English shows and movies which are exclusively available to the members. The video content library has a wide variety of latest seasons for several episodes, and the extensive premium catalog is continuously growing.

Don’t waste your valuable time to think more! Just grab this opportunity to enjoy unlimited premium shows and movies available at

FAQ for Hotstar Subscription USA

How to cancel Hotstar USA subscription?

You might be wondering can you cancel the subscription plan? The answer is Yes. So, if you want to cancel Hotstar annual subscription, you just need to click the Cancel Membership on My Account page on desktop or mobile website, and Hotstar US will stop billing you from the next billing month.

Currently, this functionality is unavailable in the Android or iOS app. It won’t stop you from enjoying premium content until the current billing period ends.

Your Hotstar promo offer is valid as long you don’t cancel it. You may feel interrupted if the payment is not credited due to third party payment process failure or credit card expiry.

Hotstar live streaming is available only in the US, Canada, and India. However, this subscription is not transferable from one country to another locale.

However, if someone purchases a Hotstar US subscription plan, the purchaser must-watch Hotstar content in the U.S. If he/she tends to relocate to a new region, they need to cancel their membership in My Account section. They can subscribe to Hotstar in a new country.

Our two cents:

For $44.99 with a two-stream watch is one of the perfect Hotstar deals for desi people living in the US. After IPL, the cricket price may go up. So You can sign in Hotstar account at a low price and watch unlimited video content. Hotstar price is significantly less compared to its competitors. Use Hotstar US subscription promo: BIG40 to saves your money.

Hotstar also allows you to watch your favorite videos on the web from your personal computer or any internet-connected device compatible with the Hotstar app, including smart T.V.s, streaming media players, smartphones, tablets, and game consoles.

You can watch your preferred video content without annoying commercials on two devices simultaneously anywhere, anytime.

We are wrapping up!

Hotstar is becoming a popular online video streaming service provider across the USA in the past couple of years. It has also partnered with top-rated T.V. networks in India to offer popular entertainment series, exciting documentaries, exciting sports events, exclusive cricket highlights, and the famous Bollywood movies.

Also, are you excited after availing Hotstar U.S. subscription plans? Because we would like to hear back from you. once Again the best US Hotstar Promo Code : BIG40 to get Annual Hotstar US Subscription offer for instant 10% off + $40 BONUS

Please let us know in the comment section what Hotstar subscription plan or promo code best suits you.